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Garage Door Off Track Near San Antonio, TX

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Mr. Lawson had no clue why his garage door got caught partially opened at first until he noticed it had come off the track.
Our Solution: Our technicians confirmed that Mr. Lawson’s garage door had indeed come off of the track, hence being stuck. We disconnected the opener, as well as clamped the door, to keep it from moving. Our team then pried the tracks open so the rollers could be put back inside. Once the tracks were closed, we assured the door no longer stuck while opening and closing.

John Lawson - San Antonio
Broken Spring Replacement | Kirby | San Antonio, TX

Broken Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: One of the customer’s garage door springs abruptly snapped and needed to be replaced urgently, so the customer could continue using her door.
Our Solution: After disconnecting everything, our technicians slowly eased the springs lax, taking particular care that no fragments of the broken garage door spring remained caught in a way that could retain tension. Then, they removed the springs, oiled the spindles, installed new springs, and reconnected the opener and cables for testing.

Kevin Flanner - Kirby
New Garage Door Installation Project | Garage Door Repair San Antonio, TX

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Ms. Wilder needed to have a new garage door installed after a recent remodeling project.
Our Solution: The Clopay insulated steel panels needed a powerful LiftMaster 3585 belt drive opener to lift them for the long-term, and an American Eagle belt and extension spring system made with the 3585 in mind. A pair of 041A5034 LiftMaster safety sensors were the final touch.

Olivia Wilder - China Grove
Roller Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair San Antonio, TX

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Two of the customer’s rollers broke due to insufficient care and cleaning, making it difficult to move the door.
Our Solution: Our team unplugged the opener, raised the door off its tracks, and replaced the rollers on both sides; only two had broke, but the others were about ready to go. They then polished and lubricated the tracks, and instructed Mr. Diskov on better door care.

Ben Diskov - San Antonio
Sensor Alignment Project | Garage Door Repair San Antonio, TX

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: The customer’s door simply refused to close and was stuck open.
Our Solution: The team ran the tests to realign the sensors. One of them had to be taken out and raised a few millimeters as well as swiveled, but afterward the door closed without issues.

Yelena Hamm - Alamo Heights
Panel Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair San Antonio, TX

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Damaged panel.
Our Solution: Fortunately, the vehicle damaged only one door panel, and the door was relatively new, so the replacement was not only possible, but also more cost effective than repair. After the replacement, we checked the whole system and slightly adjusted spring tension.

Arthur Bennett - San Antonio
Opener Installation Project | Garage Door Repair San Antonio, TX

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Opener upgrade.
Our Solution: This was a straightforward job: we replaced the existing opener with the new one; made sure the door was balanced and that the safety features worked fine. Other components were relatively new, so we just fine-tuned the system.

Andrew Downing - Terrell Hills
Genie Opener Repair Project | Garage Door Repair San Antonio, TX

Genie Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Wiring problem.
Our Solution: We examined the system and tested the safety mechanism. Genie Pro Stealth GPS1200C opener had a loose connection around the transformer which we fixed. Finally, we adjusted spring tension and tightened some nuts and bolts.

Richard Neilson - San Antonio

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